Land Loans


Land Loans

As the original land lender, financing rural property has always been Alabama Ag Credit’s specialty. We can help you if you’re buying, refinancing, or improving land where you can farm, enjoy the great outdoors, or build a home.

If you’re wondering how to buy land, or already know you need a loan to buy land, you’ve come to the right place. Alabama Ag Credit is the land loan lender you can trust. We have vast experience providing land loans to Alabama residents like you. In fact, we have been offering rural financing products and services to farmers and those that simply love the land for more than a century.

As land loan lenders, Alabama Ag Credit can help make your dream of owning land a reality.

Secure a Land Loan for Every Purpose with a Rural Property Loan

We are land loan lenders with an in-depth understanding of agriculture, able to offer customized land loans to meet your needs. We offer loans for many purposes, including:

  • Land loans to buy land for farming, building a home, hunting, fishing, and more 
  • Land loans to make improvements to your land such as clearing the land or installing fencing
  • Land loans to build new constructions on your land, including homes and farm buildings. 

Get Ready to Build Your Dream Home with a Homesite Loan

Our homesite loans can enable you to buy land to build the residence you have always wanted, even if you’re not ready to begin construction right away. Once you’ve secured your loan to buy land and are prepared to build we will help you through that process as well as support you with loans for equipment, outbuildings, and more. Choose Homesite Loans below to get started. 


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