At Alabama Ag Credit, our success depends on you. One way we show our appreciation is by sharing our success through our patronage program.

Our commitment to sharing our earnings with borrowers is rooted in our structure as a customer-owned cooperative.

The Cooperative Advantage

When you borrow from Alabama Ag Credit, you become a stockholder and part owner in the cooperative, entitling you to a portion of the earnings when the association does well financially. The more you borrow, the bigger your share of earnings.

Every year, our board of directors decides how much of the cooperative's earnings to maintain as capital for stability and growth. We return the rest to members through our patronage program.

The most important benefit of our patronage program is that it effectively lowers your borrowing costs. You not only receive a competitive interest rate up front, but could also get back some of the interest you’ve paid on your loan.

No other type of lender offers you such an advantage.

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