First JumpStart Grants Awarded

Out of 50 applicants, we have chosen five winners to receive a $10,000 JumpStart grant for 2022! We hosted a publicity event on 9/21 to recognize the winners and make the official announcement. 

The applications were reviewed by several judges through the use of a rubric that looked at several criteria, such as how they planned to utilize grant funds, the effort they put into their business plan, and their understanding of their business financials based on their financial plan. Additionally, we helped applicants complete this by providing a business and financial plan template as well as requiring them to complete Ag Biz Basics. These categories were considered when determining an overall score that was averaged between all judges.

Our 2022 winners are:

John Bretz, Elberta, AL
Plans to utilize grant funds to purchase a vacuum planter in order to increase the variety of crops he can plant in addition to soybeans, such as corn & peanuts.

Kade & Ashley Campbell, Eclectic, AL
Plans to utilize grant funds to build a 30 x 50 equipment & hay barn that will help prolong equipment life & preserve the nutritional value of the hay for livestock.

Todd & Robin Mitchell, Enterprise, AL
Plans to utilize grant funds to purchase a cattle working system, increasing the use of embryo transplant & artificial insemination to integrate proven genetics in the herd.

Paige Smith, Northport, AL
Plans to utilize grant funds to improve genetics among her show cattle herd by acquiring more donor cows, providing quality cows for purchase to today’s youth.

Jessica & Hunter Vick, Fosters, AL
Plans to utilize grant funds to purchase chicks for egg production & feeder cattle to help support their community through their small family farm.