Body, Mind & Soul

Glenn and Lisa Crumpler know how to stretch a dollar. Donations to their nonprofit ministry have helped poor and oppressed people in over 60 countries since 2001. Together with U.S. and international partners, Cattle for Christ (CFC) educates children, trains pastors and teaches skills to help people become self-sustaining. In the process, it shares the Gospel and love of Christ around the world. The Crumplers run the ministry from their farm in Enterprise, Alabama. Though the ministry does not borrow money, the Crumplers have borrowed from Alabama Ag Credit in their own names. Eight years ago, they financed a building they use as the ministry headquarters. After paying that off, they financed a barndominium to further CFC’s outreach. “Lisa and I live as close to debt-free as we can,” says Glenn, Cattle for Christ founder, president and board member. “We are thankful Alabama Ag Credit was there for us when we needed them. All the staff have been great to work with.”

Helping others help themselves

Teaching farmers and training trainers are key strategies used in their ministry. Cattle for Christ and its partners teach advanced agricultural technologies to veterinarians and farmers. These include artificial insemination (AI) and embryo recovery and transfer (ET) for beef and dairy cattle. With better genetics, cattle produce more meat and milk.
Enterprise, Alabama They also teach irrigation and farming practices that reduce soil salinity while improving soil quality and production. “These technologies can totally transform their ability to make a living,” Glenn says. “Building trusting relationships also allows us to share the Good News and the eternal hope of Jesus Christ with the people.”

Sharing the good word

Up to 85% of people in the world don’t have a Bible in their language, and many don’t read well. So the ministry provides solar-powered audio Bibles in local languages.
For children in the U.S., it offers audio Covering expenses with cattle players inside stuffed animals called CFC Sidekicks. These players feature an audio, ignited donations go toward work with “The Father’s Love Letter,” which includes a prayer, a song and love letter from God. “They help children know that no matter what they’re going through, God loves them and will walk them through it,” Glenn says. “They make wonderful gifts for children, and we hope that clubs and businesses will distribute them to hospitals, emergency responders, social workers and hurting children.”

Cattle for Christ is also doing other types of outreach for children living in crisis situations.

The new barndo is part of that effort. The Crumplers plan to use it as a free or low-cost retreat for families dealing with serious illness or loss of a child.

“We can help them make lasting memories as a family or to just get away with God and nature to heal,” Glenn says. “We have pasture, pines, horses, chickens — and our CFC cattle herd.

Covering expenses with cattle

At Cattle for Christ, 90% of all undesignated donations go toward work with people. A herd of donated cattle helps fund the ministry’s expenses.

CFC sells grass-fed and grain-fed beef, free-range eggs, cattle, semen and embryos. It has also donated cattle to ranchers in several states after natural disasters.

Ag producers and corporate sponsors donate animals, crops, cash, feed, equipment and more. Cattle for Christ’s website describes many more ways to help.

“Together, we can change the world through agriculture,” Glenn says.

A cow-calf operation helps Cattle for Christ cover expenses. “We use what cattle are donated and the cattle we produce from them, and the Lord has always made it work,” Glenn Crumpler says.

Breeding for quality

Having a small staff keeps overhead low. Glenn and his partner, Jack McIntosh, manage the herd. Lisa, a former bank teller, manages the office. Board members and volunteers help work cattle.

The herd is known for quality sires and top-producing females.

“Mr. Glenn is one of our top producers because he stays with the best genetics,” says Steven Bozeman, the Crumplers’ loan officer at Alabama Ag Credit.

The ministry practices what it preaches. It has used AI and ET in the past to improve the herd, and hopes to again.

“We breed and manage our cattle the very best we can to ensure we are being good advocates for the cattle and agriculture industries who fund our work,” Glenn says.

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