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Rural Living Isn’t Just a Dream

CEO, Doug Thiessen

A dear friend once asked me why I held a rural lifestyle in such a high regard. He was very sincere, too, because he had grown up and lived in an urban area all his life.

In the discussion that followed, I found myself describing a life where people support and rely on each other, where you know your neighbors even if they live three miles away, and where the entire town turns out to bring food to a church or high school banquet. My own words were demonstrating a deeply held passion for rural living — a passion I know many of you hold dear, too.

The fact is that years ago, nearly everyone in Alabama made a living from farming or ranching and lived in the country. The life I described to my friend was reality for most Alabamians at one time. Today, it is somewhat different, as we see a movement to urban centers just like in the rest of the country. But, you don’t have to be a full-time farmer to enjoy your children in a small town or watch wildlife at sunrise. No, today Alabama Ag Credit puts the rural lifestyle within reach for people from all walks of life.

Part of our mission is to help rural communities thrive. Our team of employeesunderstands rural property in Alabama and puts our expertise to work for you when you want to buy or build a home in the country.

After you have chosen your property, we can finance the home and acreage with one loan, saving you time and money. Or, we can finance the land purchase now and make a construction loan for your permanent or weekend home at a later time of your choosing. Once you have settled in, you will not need to go anywhere else, as we can finance home renovations and help build your barns, fences and ponds.

At Alabama Ag Credit, we know why you want make your home or life in the country, and our employees and competitive loan products can help make that possible for you. If you have friends who are interested in a rural home, send them our way. Living a rural lifestyle no longer has to be just a dream for anyone. It can become your passion just like it is ours.

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Douglas Thiessen
Chief Executive Officer