Here to Serve You for 100 Years

CEO, Doug Thiessen

When any one of us faces a tough challenge, we sometimes need a little help to either lift our spirits or carry us through those hard times. And if we look, we can usually find someone who will help us make tomorrow better than today. That might sound a lot like the sermon you heard in church recently, but the message applies to every other aspect of our lives too.

Alabama Ag Credit was created 100 years ago to serve in such a capacity for those in agriculture and rural America. In the early 20th century, times were hard and access to rural credit was difficult at best. So our elected officials in Washington, D.C., studied problems facing rural families and determined that a cooperative credit system was needed. Representatives were even sent to Europe to study land-mortgage banks and other institutions that promoted agriculture and rural development.

As a result, in 1916, Congress passed and President Wilson signed the Federal Farm Loan Act that basically started what is known today as the Farm Credit System. That action 100 years ago is what we are celebrating in 2016.

Today, Alabama Ag Credit is one of the 74 independently managed and cooperatively owned local lending institutions that compose Farm Credit. We exist for the benefit of those who do business with us, and we know that this year of celebration will also be a challenging year for many of our customers. But that’s why Farm Credit was created. We have been and will be an organization that can help carry you through those bad times even as we look forward to the good ones. The board of directors and employees of this association serve you, our customers, with a deep passion because we know the contributions that you make to your local communities and the world.

Over the years, Congress has made changes to laws that govern Farm Credit. What has remained consistent, however, is the mission that Farm Credit serves. We are here to be that reliable and consistent source of credit to agriculture and rural communities — we have done that for 100 years, and we hope to do it for 100 more. Please join us as we celebrate the centennial of Farm Credit in 2016. Truly, we are here to help you make your tomorrow better than today.

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Douglas Thiessen
Chief Executive Officer