A Message Straight From You

CEO, Doug Thiessen

When most of us have a great story to tell, we usually don’t mind telling it. Yes, sometimes the story carries more humor than serious content, but at other times, the story contains an important message that is beneficial for others to hear.

Basically, our customers are agriculture and forestry producers or owners of rural real estate. Our customers play a key role in putting food on plates, putting clothes on backs, putting shelter over our heads, and may even help with putting energy in our vehicles. That makes it easy for us at Alabama Ag Credit to be passionate about our customers, and thus we are proud to tell the successful story about how we are meeting the mission we were created to serve. But do you tell your own story? In addition, do you tell others about how you work with Farm Credit to accomplish your objectives?

We think it’s critical for you to do so, especially to elected officials. Here’s why. In the new U.S. Congress that was seated in January, only 29 representatives and senators listed their occupation as farmer or rancher. There also are a few more who own orchards or are vintners, and surely there are some members who own rural real estate or who have ties to rural life.

However, with each election, more and more of our elected officials are coming from urban areas. There’s nothing wrong with this trend, except that it means there are fewer people who truly understand the role agriculture and forestry play in impacting our daily lives. Furthermore, they may not understand the significant role Farm Credit plays in these industries and in its support for rural America.

This is why Alabama Ag Credit and all of Farm Credit support the efforts of agricultural producers and commodity organizations that lobby on behalf of agriculture and forestry. We even participate in sending board members, employees, and young farmers and ranchers to Washington, D.C., every year to make those same points known to our lawmakers. It’s just that important.

Together, we have a great story to tell, so let’s go tell it. Give lawmakers the opportunity to hear that great message straight from you — the people they represent.

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Douglas Thiessen
Chief Executive Officer