CEO'S LETTER - Agriculture — We’re In It With You

CEO, Doug Thiessen

Whether you produce crops, raise livestock or grow timber, you have definitely watched lenders come and go from the agricultural marketplace. In general, the agricultural sector has experienced some good years recently, and as always happens, the sector becomes attractive to lenders who otherwise might focus on other industries. Then, just when you believe those lenders have your back, commodity prices decline and your lender runs away just as quickly as they can with very little concern for you.

But not Alabama Ag Credit. We exist for the specific purpose of helping you produce crops, raise livestock, grow timber and so much more. Plus, we’re in it for the long haul!

As a part of the Farm Credit System, established nearly 100 years ago, Alabama Ag Credit is dedicated to financing agriculture and rural Alabama, and we focus all our time, energy and expertise doing it. That’s our only business. We don’t run when farm income drops; we work with our customers and try to get them through difficult times.

At Alabama Ag Credit, we offer personalized service that is rare in today’s marketplace. Our loan decisions are made locally by agricultural credit specialists who understand your farm and timber operations and not by bankers located in a city far, far away. Our objective is to be your financial partner for the long term — the lender you can count on to help you meet your goals, whether it’s building a profitable business or achieving the rural lifestyle of your dreams.

We advocate for the agricultural sector because we are a part of your industry. Our employees devote themselves to bettering their rural communities because that’s where they live and work. And our board members make policy decisions with your best interests in mind, because they were elected by you and your fellow customers.

Competitors may come and go, but Alabama Ag Credit’s long-term commitment to serving the financial needs of our customers never wavers. We have offered steady support to agricultural producers and rural landowners since 1916, the year we made our first loan. We’ve been here, and will continue to be, during every cycle. You can bank on it.


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Douglas Thiessen
Chief Executive Officer